Letters to the Editor

No place for intolerance

For months the American people have watched Donald Trump transform from a non-serious candidate to becoming the front-runner in the Republican primary. I have watched as people praised him for his unfettered honesty and bold approach, and I have lost more hope for the integrity of this country.

In the past month alone, he has made statements that indicate tendencies of sexism, racism, and the willingness to bully his way to the top. But the most recent, and quite possibly the most egregious, are his blatant inclinations toward Islamophobia. In response to the San Bernardino attacks, Trump said that the United States should call for a “total and complete shutdown” of our borders to Muslims, a statement that goes against everything our nation stands for.

What Trump fails to realize is that these types of generalizations are dangerous, especially in times of uncertainty. You cannot judge an entire religion based on the actions of a few, it will only perpetuate the fear and increase anger. I understand that national security is a highly debated topic, particularly in the wake of the acts of terrorism seen throughout the world, but this isn’t the answer.

Trump, we have heard your “honesty,” and it is time for it to stop. Every headline I read eats away at the pride I have for my country. There is no place in this world for religious intolerance and blatant racism, not if we want to “Make America Great Again.”

Kelsey Boone, Spring Mills