Letters to the Editor

NRA fighting for our rights

We have a thing here in the United States called a Constitution. The National Rifle Association was established to protect our Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. If it were not for the NRA, our politicians would be tearing our Constitution apart. It is our right to bear arms, not the government’s right to take that away from us.

Why is it that so many people in this country are killed and injured, some permanently, every day by motorized vehicles and no one wants to take away a motor, which by the way is not a constitutional right but only a privilege?

You don’t read or hear on the news about banning any of these motorized vehicles; why is that? You are just as dead or injured as if someone used a gun. We just don’t want to have this privilege or the right to bear arms taken away.

Wake up America and get a backbone and stop these people who want to tear apart our Constitution.

We should not be saying “watch out God” (CDT, 12/8), but maybe we should be saying, “God bless the NRA for fighting for our constitutional rights.”

Jerry Corman, Bellefonte