Letters to the Editor

An off-putting welcome

I picked my wife up from University Park Airport last week and got a $30 parking ticket while moving her luggage to my car in the loading zone.

The signs say that unoccupied vehicles are not permitted, but a person cannot both occupy their vehicle and load luggage at the same time. These signs should be changed to read “unattended” rather than “unoccupied,” and parking enforcement should not be so overzealous.

My wife had a number of heavy suitcases and was waiting with them at the airline counter while asking about damage to one of them.

I moved my car from the paid parking lot to the loading zone, opened my lift-gate and went inside to get two of her suitcases. I brought these out to the car, closed the lift-gate to keep them secure, and went back in for another suitcase.

When I came back out to the car, less than a minute or two later, I found a parking ticket envelope with my license plate number hastily scrawled down on it.

I really don’t appreciate having someone seemingly waiting for me to turn my back before rushing in to slap an envelope on my windshield and dashing off again as I return to my car.

There was no congestion and a reasonable person can see this has little to do with any practical security.

It felt like a shakedown.

What kind of welcome is this to PSU?

Has Happy Valley really become so harsh and intolerant?

Douglas Dougherty, Howard