Letters to the Editor

American story about real courage

The Republican presidential candidates conflate “bombing the hell” out of a country with “strength” and “courage.”

Real courage is quiet, hurtling itself into a crumbling building on fire to save lives.

“Carpet bombing” is a war crime (1977 Geneva). It does not select-out the innocent. ISIL militants hide within civilian populations. Going to kill them all Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz, Mr. Christie?

“Smart Power” works, though not for Republicans for whom perpetual war is paramount.

The failed New Jersey governor thinks his regurgitated invective makes him strong, as he publicly called President Barack Obama “the feckless weakling occupying the Oval Office.” You mean the one who pulled your bacon out of the fire after Hurricane Sandy?

The bully has no courage.

The mogul boasts about polls, demanding registries of Muslims, internment and deportation of immigrants, and killing family members of suspected terrorists.

The petulant child of inherited wealth has no courage.

JEB!, another entitled child of privilege, whines for attention, Marco says no minimum wage and “no abortion” even to save the life of the mother, and, in such murderous times, the grimacing-mime that is Ted Cruz claims “gun control is hitting the target you aim at.”

We are better than this.

The true hero of our American story has always been George Bailey, a smart and quiet man who saves his community from otherwise certain chaos — and from the clear danger presented by calculated extremism.

Marylouise Markle, State College