Letters to the Editor

Crime on decline despite problems

No moral person prefers single-parent families, more children born out of wedlock, poor academic accomplishments of youth, increased dependency on food stamps, or increased numbers of people on welfare.

Politicians who do not adequately fund education or infrastructure, and readily facilitate the concentration of wealth to extremes — while facilitating red-zoning practices and the decline of the middle-class with wage stagnation, unions with “right to work laws” and blatant racism in hiring — should expect those outcomes as families are stressed to the maximum.

Democracy is on sale to the highest bidder, and media biasing sectors of our society to the truth has hindered us from correcting these factors.

Don’t blame the victims or those trying to place a safety net underneath them. Walk in your brother’s shoes for a mile. Most poor people work jobs for inadequate pay, often with no benefits, especially service sector jobs. Numerous barriers are in place to hinder their rise to better-paying jobs including insufficient education, finding affordable housing, no viable transportation, unpredictable schedules and juggling multiple jobs.

The dream of your children doing better has become a lie. Our religions have been largely quiet on inequity and increasing poverty, costing them credibility.

In spite of this, and in spite of media coverage, most violent crime on the whole has been on the decline since 1994.

Doug Keith, State College