Letters to the Editor

Budget plan failed to meet needs

Before leaving Harrisburg for the winter holiday, Republicans in the legislature failed to finish their work on the budget. They passed a spending plan that ballooned the deficit and cut education funding by $95 million.

This legislation failed to fund Pennsylvania’s institutions of higher learning — including Pitt, Penn State, Temple, Lincoln and the Penn Vet school.

The legislature did not pass a fiscal code or a school code.

Most importantly, lawmakers did not fund our schools or fix our deficit.

This left Gov. Tom Wolf with no choice but to use his line-item veto power on the Republican budget.

That budget is unacceptable. The legislature needs to come back and immediately pass the bipartisan, pro-education compromise budget that is ready for a final vote in the House.

Passing the compromise budget now will provide the early childhood, special education, basic education and higher education investment that our children and Pennsylvania need for a better and sustainable future.

Megan Healey, Harrisburg

Megan Healey is deputy press secretary for Gov. Tom Wolf.