Letters to the Editor

Eyes open

Myron L. Bowersox writes to Mary Gage “why are you still here?” (CDT, 2/29) Mary has some concerns about the country so Myron suggests leaving.

This kind of ignorant response is harmful to the country.

So Myron, you don’t understand we have become an oligarchy, not a democracy. We have the biggest income differential of any modern nation, the second fattest nation on earth, the highest rate of gun violence, the highest percentage of our population in prison, a third of adults with diabetes, a major infrastructure problem, and a Congress that has been bought and paid for, unwilling to mention climate change or let the government bargain when it buys drugs for millions of people.

So Myron, if Mary has concerns about this she should leave? I’d like to keep Mary here more than folks who think it’s patriotic to turn a blind eye to our fundamental problems.

Geoffrey Godbey, State College