Letters to the Editor

‘Holiday’ must be stopped

State Patty’s Day is a farce and needs to be stopped!

President Barron, it starts with you.

Any student who had the medics called for them because of alcohol overdose needs to be suspended, mommy and daddy called and said little Billy or little Susie is too immature to be in the real world alone and not ready to be a Penn Stater.

If after a year, mommy and daddy taught them how to act like young men and women, they can reapply.

Police need to show no mercy. Throw the book at them, then throw them in the drunk tank for 48 hours. If they need medical attention, they get 48 hours after being cleared by medics.

The Liquor Control Board needs to put a lot more agents in the bars. Any bar found violating the LCB laws should get the book thrown at them and shut down for a month. That will hurt their pocketbooks. Put mugshots of all violators in the paper, embarrassing them.

This “holiday” has no reason to exist. Our future “leaders” — what a joke they are showing themselves to be.

Our present leaders at Penn State, police, LCB: I have very little faith in you right now.

Kudos to our ambulance workers, EMTs, Mount Nittany hospital staff — you heroes had to be running on empty.

I have a scanner and heard almost every call. Do something and stop this stupidity!

Danny Kelley, Howard