Letters to the Editor

Will anything be good enough?

The Bellefonte school board, in its infinite wisdom, has not renewed the contract of baseball coach Jeremy Rellinger. This after the team won the District 6 AAA title last season.

The general consensus is that kids of certain people of power and whining parents didn’t see enough playing time.

I have umpired several of Bellefonte’s games. Coach Rellinger and his assistant, Jack Schuster, were always the epitome of coaching. If criticism of a player was needed it was always done constructively and quietly.

After one game, I was halfway to my car when coach Rellinger hailed me from behind and, with a handshake, said, “I didn’t catch you coming off the field. Good game. Thanks for coming out today.”

I guess teaching good sportsmanship and winning championships isn’t good enough in Bellefonte.

I know the new coach, Dan Fravel, is highly qualified, but will he suffer the same fate?

Ron Carbonara, State College