Letters to the Editor

Take care of monument’s ‘wounds’

The veterans monument in Rebersburg is a great tribute to the veterans and families of Miles Township.

Special thanks goes to the people who brought this monument to life. I am sure they all put in a lot of hard work and time to bring this together.

But like a lot of things, the monument has issues, and it has been vandalized. I was under the impression that the issues would be taken care of by the end of 2015, especially after reading a newspaper article that said, “It’s finished.”

I drove to see the monument. I still saw issues and the vandalism — which I now call “wounds.”

We take care of our veterans’ wounds. Why not take care of the wounds on the veterans monument?

Let’s make the veterans monument better than day one and show we really do honor our veterans.

I was told there is only one veteran who is really concerned about these issues; but looking at all the names on the monument I am sure they would also be concerned.

Everyone should visit all veterans monuments to honor them. We owe them at least that much. They did so much for us.

Mike Carper, Aaronsburg