Letters to the Editor

PSU basketball fans deserve better

I couldn’t help but tag on to the recent letter asking about coaches salaries at Penn State and the inequity among them. Specifically I am wondering: What is the intent of Penn State having a men’s basketball team?

Having lived in this area since graduating from Penn State in the ’70s, I have watched the continuing progression of coaches in, coaches out, mediocre performance under every one of them year after year, talk of a rebuilding year with no improvement to follow, very little chance of postseason play, and then, to top it off, the latest coach decides his team of young, athletic men are petered out!

From what? Playing basketball? Isn’t that what they are trained to do? Doesn’t each game hone their talents? Isn’t every game a valuable step toward excellence? Doesn’t the fan interest in postseason play matter? Isn’t there any interest in being a powerhouse in the Big Ten? (Note: Joe is gone now.) Don’t the fans deserve more than they have received over the past four decades?

There is no pleasure in reading the same news and watching the same lackluster performances, year in and year out, with nothing changing and with no one expounding on the future of the program. Should we start a petition to get Bobby Knight out of retirement? At least we could say we have the oldest coach in the Big Ten.

Craig Gruneberg, Boalsburg