Letters to the Editor

Nuclear power safe, reliable

It is particularly important at this time that the public understands how safe our nuclear power plants are. The world is looking toward the United States for leadership in combating global warming, and nuclear power is our greatest source of electricity that doesn’t produce gases that cause climate change. It is the only reliable, base-load energy technology that can make a real difference in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

An issue that has received press attention in the past several years is that some nuclear plants have released the radioactive substance tritium on the site, mostly from underground pipes that have leaked, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has confirmed that nothing has caused the public to be in danger and any fears over elevated levels of tritium at plants are unfounded.

The generating plants are very sensitive to safety and public health, so they have test wells on the site where they continually monitor for leaks. And when they find such leaks they first report them to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, then they locate the source of the problem and fix it. Instead of recognizing the need for nuclear power, some environmental activists deliberately cultivate fears over tritium releases. It is such environmentalists and the organizations they represent that are the real problem for society, not the tritium releases that have remained on power plant property where they have been detected and remediated.

No reliable energy generating technology has a safety record that can match nuclear power. Let’s use it more.

Edward Klevans, State College