Letters to the Editor

Winck will vote to protect life

There are some candidates who choose a side of the pro-life/abortion debate for political gain, and there are others who live out their convictions.

Over the past six years, as a member of the Bedford County Chapter of Citizens Concerned for Human Life, I have seen one such candidate who does just that. Dwight JR Winck has been a supporter of our local pro-life organization for many years. He and his wife, Liz, have attended our banquets and financially supported us so that we can educate young people on sanctity-of-life issues.

Winck has also walked alongside us at the pro-life March for Life in Washington, D.C., on many occasions. This year we were happy to have his oldest son with us and are grateful that he is teaching the importance of being a voice for the voiceless to his children. In 1990, he joined Vice President Dan Quayle and thousands at the Washington Monument for the Right to Life Rally.

Those of us championing the sanctity-of-life issues in Bedford County are proud to have Dwight JR Winck as a candidate for the 35th state Senate District seat for the counties of Bedford, Cambria and Clearfield. Those who do not know him yet can be assured that this man will vote to protect life when elected to office.

On April 26, vote Dwight JR Winck — a man who is a proven pro-life candidate in word and deed.

Janet Creighton, Bedford