Letters to the Editor

Proud to endorse Sestak for Senate

We endorse Joe Sestak for U.S. Senate.

Sestak has represented Pennsylvania in Congress and is a strong advocate of Democratic values. Six years ago, when he ran for the Senate, Arlen Specter switched parties and became a Democrat. Sestak continued to run despite being asked to stand down by party bosses. He beat the party machine and Specter but lost to Pat Toomey by just 2 percentage points in the Republican wave year of 2010.

This year, Sestak is again being challenged by the establishment. Party insiders searched for someone to run against him; after arm twisting, they did. But Pennsylvanians know that Sestak stands with them. He defends health care access and a women’s right of choice. A former three-star Navy admiral and director of defense policy in the White House, he supports our veterans and defends U.S. interests. Sestak strengthens American interests defending what America stands for: welcoming immigrants and defending freedom of religion. Sestak stands for racial, gender and sexual orientation equity.

He will not say one thing in Pennsylvania — as Toomey has — and another in Washington. He supports President Barack Obama’s constitutional duty to nominate to the Supreme Court and is not an obstructionist — like Toomey has been on this and many issues.

Joe Sestak has not sought our endorsement, or that of any other elected official. We give it proudly, not in an official capacity as State College Borough Council members. Sestak will best represent all Pennsylvanians. He will not be beholden to party or group special interests.

Evan Myers, Jesse L. Barlow, David J. Brown, Janet Engeman, Catherine Dauler and Theresa Lafer