Letters to the Editor

A great university

Letters on this page and comments about them and in other social media suggest that Penn State is not a great university and only individual trustees can make it great again.

But what makes a university great to begin with? It is the collective work of faculty, staff and students in fields ranging from accounting to world languages education, from arena football to wrestling, from the Abington campus to the York campus, from the Arboretum to the Water Tunnel.

It is not the collective work of the trustees. The trustees are an entity unto themselves and their reputation is separate from the people who labor at Penn State.

What annoys me about the naysayers is that many of them are graduates of Penn State and yet they choose to denigrate Penn State to advance their own agendas. They have a right to advance their agendas, but not by besmirching Penn State.

Repeat after me: Penn State is a great university. Period.

R. Thomas Berner, Benner Township