Letters to the Editor

Lack of recognition

It was interesting to see the front page of the CDT on May 2, which featured a tractor blessing.

While this may have been an interesting event, the coverage of the story highlighted the lack of acknowledgment for Orthodox Christian Easter, also known as Pascha, which occurred on May 1. Pascha is the holiest day of the year for Orthodox Christians, and the feast is sacred to the 1 million adherents in the United States.

At Holy Trinity Church in State College (as well as in other Orthodox churches throughout the Centre Region) the Holy Week prior is filled with services, processions and traditions as old as Christianity itself.

On Pascha night, there is a joyous service, a procession, and a traditional blessing of food baskets to break the 40-day-long fast that the faithful participate in.

All of these elements could have made an eye-catching and interesting story that would have highlighted a community that is often ignored by the media. The lack of recognition is especially disheartening when one considers the persecution that Orthodox Christians receive from terrorist groups in certain parts of the Middle East. Centre County residents would have benefited from education on the Orthodox Church and her traditions as well as her current difficulties.

Hannah Oleynik, Port Matilda