Letters to the Editor

Unprofessional toward charters

The continued peevish attitude of the State College Area School District toward its charter schools is unprofessional. Yes, the district has lost almost 20 percent of the area’s school-age students to alternate schools. Yes, transfers are increasing. The district struggles with understanding.

State College Magazine (May issue) published a cover feature “Teachers of the Year.” It was a fitting tribute to four outstanding State College Area School District teachers. In the same issue, the school board ran a $2,000 “we are great” advertisement congratulating only three of the district’s teachers. Conspicuously absent were congratulations to the fourth teacher at the Centre Learning Community Charter School.

Memo to Superintendent Robert J. O’Donnell and Board President Amber Concepcion: the Centre Learning Community Charter School is a SCASD public school. The fourth teacher deserved your congratulations as well. I opine the omission was intentional.

Continually berating charter schools, ignoring their teachers, creating fictitious cost analysis, and inundating parents of charter school students with blatant email propaganda is not working; it is offensive.

Embracing charter schools, their innovative concepts and their obvious appeal to many parents is the better solution. Exploit the success rather than flail at the exodus. Key to all this is improving the climate and performance of average students. Mega elementary schools are not the right direction.

I am not affiliated with a charter school.

Don Gordon, Patton Township