Letters to the Editor

Heads in the sand

Climate change is scary, and so I understand the temptation to put one’s head in the sand. But to force everyone else to do the same thing is just plain wrong. Yet this is precisely what our Congress is doing.

On Monday, the CDT reported that Reps. Glenn Thompson and Bill Shuster both voted to strip the Defense Department of funding to assess the impact of climate change on national security. The vote was close, because 13 Republicans, including Reps. Pat Meehan and Ryan Costello, of Pennsylvania, broke with party lines and bravely voted against this amendment. Earlier this year, I met Meehan’s aide, who expressed the conviction that climate change is already a threat to our national security. He specifically cited rising sea levels at the U.S. naval base in Norfolk, Va., that endanger our operations there.

Reading more closely, this vote also eviscerated the president’s directive to the Defense Department to reduce energy waste and increase efficiency and conservation. I thought these were common-sense, conservative values. I guess there are now two Republican parties: those like Meehan and Costello who follow science and conservation of resources, and those like Thompson and Shuster who don’t.

Jonathan Brockopp, State College