Letters to the Editor

Credibility lacking

Lori Falce’s lighthearted report of a male masturbating in public at a State College Spikes baseball game in the presence of children — “Some people go to a baseball game for an enjoyable evening. A Natrona Heights man is in jail after going to a State College Spikes game and enjoying himself a little too much” — should pain deeply anyone who cares at all about how the rest of the world sees and judges this region.

Falce, who has practiced journalism in covering, first Philipsburg, and then seemingly the entire Centre Region including Penn State and the courts, is clearly not equal to the job she has been assigned. Further, she and the other reporters are not getting the editorial training and guidance they need. The president and publisher, alas, grants as much.

Now it is time for the Centre Daily Times to let its readers help it become a credible news organization again.

Whom at corporate should we contact?

Earnestly, all of us who understand the role a credible news organization can and should play in a polity need to help reinvent the Centre Daily Times.

It needs to be reinvented. Otherwise, it should no longer be in business.

Falce’s story is as close to unforgivable as purportedly credible print journalism can get.

Rosa A. Eberly, State College