Letters to the Editor

Focus on real news

Regarding the recent posting in the newspaper about a young male deciding that private behavior is appropriate for a public sports venue, I have to ask myself, “Where is the paper headed these days?”

I say it is headed for the trash bin.

Indecent, inappropriate behavior would have sufficed for description. Would have liked to have seen a ruckus at the ballpark, since my husband and I were there watching the Spikes game. Wish some fans would have made a scene over such bizarre display of lack of self-control.

We would like to see more coverage of important news. Such as the recent rescue mission by a Twin Otter from Canada at the South Pole Station. Our son is there and witnessed this mission firsthand. Nothing about it in the local paper.

Oh yes, tawdry trash is what sells the papers. Seriously, get a grip and get the paper out of the recycle bin and into the world of real news.

Lois Obrock, Boalsburg