Letters to the Editor

Change trustee power structure

Once again, more mismanagement by the leadership of the Penn State board of trustees has been revealed through the courts.

The latest is more lack of fiduciary duty through not vetting claims against the university by alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky through a rush to pay. On top of that they knowingly altered the types of claims so the insurer, PMA, would reimburse the payments.

Now PMA is fighting those reimbursements in court, and thanks to Judge Glazer, more shenanigans have been revealed. Is there any wonder that alumni have lost faith in the “leadership” of this board?

When we learned the depths they would sink to in order to cover up misdeeds and perpetuate their hold on power, many alumni like me joined together in urging their removal from office. Instead of admitting their wrongdoings, they only continue to pass leadership roles to their friends who will help keep the wrongdoings covered up.

Thanks to the alumni-elected representatives, more has been revealed and pressure kept on those who have embarrassed us publicly. We know the old guard will do anything to keep their hold on power, so it is up to the public, as taxpayers who fund this debacle, to urge elected representatives in Harrisburg to make changes to the power structure legislatively. Without that they will continue to use the university as their own and continue their lack of fiduciary duty and further put the university in jeopardy.

Nancy Koebel, Fremont, Ohio