Letters to the Editor

Refreshing balance

I’d like to thank the CDT for including Cal Thomas, Jay Ambrose and Jonah Goldberg on the opinion page.

Unlike the man whose letter appeared on Aug. 4, I find the balance refreshing. He wrote that “fascism is not attractive” and wanted more of Mary Sanchez and Leonard Pitts Jr. If the conservative writings of Thomas, Ambrose and Goldberg are considered fascist, then there must be some term to describe the hateful and frequently false things written by Pitts and Sanchez about the police.

As a retired law enforcement officer, I’m disturbed to see Pitts vilifying the police over incidents before investigations are complete. President Obama and Hillary Clinton are guilty of this, too. Then if the officer or officers are cleared, nothing from Pitts, while the careers and possibly the lives of those brave guardians are destroyed or forever altered.

I find Pitts malicious and vindictive toward the police, while I’ll call Sanchez naïve bordering on delusional. It’s obvious that neither of these writers has ever worked in law enforcement because if they had, they would not hold the opinions they have.

Still, I would not want to see them silenced, as liberals try to do to conservatives. And to the gentleman from State College who would like less (or none) of conservative writers, I say that we both pay the same price for the CDT. Neither of us will agree with everything we read here. Suck it up, sir.

Alan C. Scott, Bellefonte