Mountain View Country Club local golf

Local Golf

Ryder Cup Golf Tournament

at Mountain View Country Club

9 hole scramble, 9 hole alternate shot, 9 hole best ball of partners, and 9 hole total score of partners

Gross winners

1. Todd Cable, Steve Kirby — 187

2. Kevin Treese, Steve Byron — 201

3. Tim Ranck, Chris Leitzell — 202

Net winners

1. Mark Eckley, Al D'ambrosia — 173

2. Bill Frazier, Lee Morris — 181

2. Bill Gates, Jeff Kephart — 181

4. Bill Fleckenstein, Bob Stonebreaker — 181

Member-Member Tournament

at Mountain View Golf Club

36 hole, best ball of partners

Overall Champions

Mike Braniff, Justin Ondik — 124

Nicklaus Flight winners

Mike Hoy, Bill Frazier — 127

Gary McManus, Dave Ellenberger — 128

Tim Ranck, Chris Leitzell — 129

Woods Flight winners

Fizz Riden, Stan Figart — 129

Andy Isola, Lee Morris — 131

Bill Fleckenstein, Bob Knechtel — 134

Palmer Flight winners

Jeff Kephart, Dave Lingenfelter — 130

Jim Bierly, Daryl Early — 131

Matt Hagen, Alex Marcon — 132 (won on tiebreak)

Mickelson Flight winners

Bob Stonebraker, Denny Bonson — 137

Cy Hunter, Scott Braniff — 138

Dick Lassman, Lenny Young — 139

Mini tournament winners

Brian Cyone, Kevin Brown — 65

Dave Soltesz, Aaron Roan — 69 (tie break)

Mark Eckley, Al D'Ambrosia — 69 (tie break)

Holes in One

Cy Hunter, playing in the Ryder Cup Golf Tournament at Mountain View Country Club, recorded a hole in one on the 102 yard No. 2 hole. He used a pitching wedge and was playing with Bob Meyer, John Shinham and Dann Cornali.

Jack Brennan, Mountain View Country Club’s golf pro recently had two holes in one. The first one occurred at the Mountain View Country Club, while playing with Bob Knechtel and Brian Mehalick, also on No. 2. A week later, Jack recorded another hole in one, while playing on No. 9 at Pine Meadow in Lebanon. Jack was playing in a Pro/Am with Jim Bierly, Daryl Early and Cattoni.

Qualifying Tournament

Mike Braniff, representing the Mountain View Country Club, recently qualified for the Pa. State Amateur Golf Tournament by shooting a 1-under-par at Harrisburg’s Colonial Golf and Tennis Club.

Braniff will compete in the State Amateur Tournament at Saucon Valley later this month.