Kayaking: Van Horns reach medals in Europe

Evy and Ethan Van Horn of Bellefonte recently had great results at the first Europa Junior and 23-and-under Cup Slalom.

Evy Van Horn found the podium in third place in women’s kayak at the junior level but second place in the 16-and-under woman’s kayak class. Ethan paddled to a 5th place finish in the 23-and-under class.

Slalom kayak racing at the national and international level involves a qualification process. Each paddler races two heats, with the top 20 moving on to a different river course and race in the semifinals. Half of the results from the semifinal event race in the finals. The eventual placing is totally dependent on their final runwith the next group of semifinalists who don’t get into the final getting the next places. Finally those in the heats but not semifinals receive the finishing order. There is some flexibility in the heats level as one can have a -bad run and still move on. However, the push is on at the semifinal level: One must do well to move on to the final level.

Evy Van Horn had two clean runs in the women’s kayak class in the heats in 114.0 and 112.7 seconds to place 12th. Thus she moved up to the semifinals. There she scored a 113.0 to move up to the finals where she scored a 117.4 second run. Her consistent paddling paid off as that score put her in second place in the 14-and-under class and in 9th place in the overall junior scoring.

Ethan Van Horn’s scores in the heats were 95.7 and 102.5 for 3rd place which moved him on to the semifinals. There he scored a 99.8 for 2nd place in the 23-and-under group and third place overall. In the final run and the final counting run he scored a 101.5 for fifth place in the 23-and-under and seventh overall.