Kayaking: Mach One paddles to medals in Maryland

State College’s Sarah Mosier ended with first- and second-place medals at the Fall Feeder Kayak and Canoe Slalom recently in Bethesda, Md.

Mosier competed in both the women's junior classes, which are designated at 16-and-under. Second places were also secured by Jon Nelson, of State College, and Alden Henrie, of Snow Shoe.

Mosier's win was with the singles canoe women class at 127 seconds. The only other girl or woman in a canoe class was 10 year old Marcella Altman who scored 166 seconds.

In the combined U-14 and U-16 class, Mosier finished second with a 126 score. Local Maryland paddler, Maya Humeau, won the class in 115 seconds.

Penn Cup winner Jon Nelson finished second in the master men's kayak class in 116 seconds, easily beating Dave Kurtz, of State College, who finished fifth, in 134 seconds. Nelson and Kurtz were the only two of six master paddlers who finished both runs penalty-free.

Alden Henrie’s second-place finish was in his best in the singles canoe class with a time 120 seconds, but it was a tough fight against Tyler Smith, a cadet from Charlotte, N.C., who won in 103 seconds.

In the cadet boys kayak class. Smith finished first in 95 seconds with Henrie third in 112. In this group, Linus Kaye, State College, finished fifth in 144 seconds.

In the junior kayak class, Joe Eirmann, of Pleasant Gap, finished in 157 seconds for fourth place.

Parsons Trophy

Three-time Olympian Scott Parsons has long favored paddling in multi classes. The Washington, D.C., native has paddled competitively in individual kayak and canoe classes as well as in doubles canoe. Some years ago, Parsons achieved first places in both kayak and canoe at the U.S. National Championship Slalom. A special award has been recently created to be presented at the last slalom of the year in the Washington area to be given to the overall winner of the best scores in the singles canoe and singles kayak class. In order to make it fit the various persons' age and boat classes, the final score is normalized to a given factor that represents possibly the best scores in that age group.

This year's overall winner was Tyler Smith of Charlotte, N.C. His canoe and kayak scores in cadet boys was 147. Demonstrating his dominance in white water slalom competitions, Smith competed this past summer in the 2013 World Junior Cup Slalom Events in Europe, scoring a second-place overall in singles canoe and eighth place in kayak.

Alden Henrie finished third with a 172, which topped all the other youth age groups.