Centre County Youth Baseball

Youth League Results

Bellefonte Little League Playoffs

Lions 14, Supelco 7

Battery: L — CJ Funk, Seth Shuey, Ty Butler to Ben Macafee; S — Timmy Shawley, Dylan Young, Logan Bernier, Zack McMasters to McMaster, Shawn Carey.

Top Hitters: L — Funk home run; Shuey 2 singles; Ben McCartney 2 home runs, double; S — Bernier double; Shawley 2 singles; Jordon Mathias double.

Lions 20, Supelco 4,

Lions advance to championship

Battery: L — Seth Shuey, Ty Butler to CJ Funk; S — Dylan Young, Logan Bernier to Zack McMasters.

Top Hitters: L — Funk 2 triples, single; Ben McCartney 2 home runs, double, single; Butler double, single; Sammy Martinez triple, single; S — Timmy Shawley home run.

M&T 11, Undines 10

Battery: MT — Nick Fisher, Gunner Fravel, Bobby Marsh to Fravel, Dylan Dann; U — Ethan Richner, Scott Liliedahl, Mason Grey, and Connor Grey to Ashton Wetzler.

Top Hitters: MT — Fisher 2 doubles, home run; Dann double; Marsh 2 singles; Gunner Fravel single, double, 2 home runs; Gavin Fravel 2 singles; Harry Horner double; U — Wetzler double; M. Grey 3 singles; Richner double, triple; C. Grey 2 singles.

M&T 12, Undines 6,

M&T advances to championship

Battery: MT — Bobby Marsh, Dylan Dann and Harry Horner to Gunner Fravel, Nick Fisher; U — Mason Grey, Nicholas Capparelle to Nate Auman and Ashton Wetzler.

Top Hitters: MT — Fisher single, double, home run; Marsh single, 2 doubles; Fravel double, home run; Ben Macafee single, home run; Mason Keeler single, double; U — Wetzler single, double, home run; Grey double; Capparelle double; Scott Liliedahl double.

State College Little League

National Penn 19, Subway 4

Battery: NP — Zach Martin to Nate Polo and Thomas Delahoy; S — Brennan Dorefice and Alec Simin to Kevin Karstetter and Adam Van Horn.

Top Hitters: NP — Cole Pammer 2 doubles, single; Martin double, 2 singles; Delahoy double, 2 singles; Nate Lusk home run, single; S — Karstetter 2 singles.

15-16 Teener League

V. Hartman Group 13, JJ Powell 8

WP: Jeremy Warefield. LP: Nick Hess.

Top Hitters: VHG — Bubba Alterio 3 singles; Warefield 3 singles; Cody Allison 2 singles; Logan Harter double, single; Darren Heeman triple; Austin Swatsworth double; JJP — Jon Kerschner 2 doubles, single; Joe Knapp 2 singles; Hess double.

Frosty Hook 14, National Penn 12

Top Hitters: FH — Michna double; Tobias double; Woodring double, single; Sharer grand slam; Johnson double, single; NP — Saffer 2 singles; Linnes double.

Centre County

Little League Softball

Rex Energy 10, Happy Valley Optical 7

Battery: RE — Lily Sullivan to Katelyn Breon; HVO — Sophia Keene, Emma Wolfe to Maggie Mangene.

Top Hitters: RE — Sullivan tiple, double, single; HVO — Olivia Herncane 2 singles; Keene 2 singles; Mangene double, single; Grace Pitterle single, double.