Penn State

The Waiting Game for A Bowl Choice: Almost Over!

Yesterday…grading papers while watching football games on TV.  Penn State’s season is over, so all we have to do is wait for the bowl selections…


What a great comeback for Cincinnati to make the score 45-44 with 00:33 left in the Cincinnati – Pittsburgh game, clinching the Big East Championship.  Congratulations to the entire team and its coaching staff led by Coach Brian Kelly for a 12-0 undefeated season.


So now that bowl piece is in place.  Cincinnati is heading to a BCS bowl.  Pittsburgh won’t be.  So the Big Ten is one step closer to an at-large bid.


Then there’s the SEC Championship game.  Congratulations to Alabama on a dominant win.  That was not expected, and we were impressed.  I felt for Tim Tebow at the end of the game.  But he handled himself well through the tears.  Class act.  Alabama goes to Pasadena for the national championship, Florida will likely be chosen by the Sugar Bowl for that BCS game.  No impact on the Big Ten at-large bids. 


Watching the Texas-Nebraska game.  A very sloppy game for Texas, their offense just didn’t look good at all.  Colt McCoy had a bad day.  Nebraska played a brilliant defensive game. But Texas found a way to win…kicking a field goal with 1 second left to win the game 13-12.  What a game!!!  It was an instant classic.  Congratulations to Texas for pulling out a tight one!


One second away from BCS chaos…but all the teams I wanted to win won yesterday.  Clears a possible path for Penn State in a BCS Bowl…hopefully the Fiesta!  Maybe the Orange.  If not, Orlando and Disney here we come.


We’ll finally know tonight!


In the meantime, today is the senior football banquet sponsored by the State College Quarterback Club.  So we get to thank the players in person for a great season and thank the seniors for their contributions over the last 4-5 years to Penn State football.  It’s always a good event. 


Then, as soon as the bowl matchups are announced, lots of plans to make….but for now, back to that stack of papers…