Penn State

An Impressive Statement About Sportsmanship at Memorial Stadium

There is an inscription on the outside of Memorial Stadium.  I believe that its discussion about sportsmanship is as relevant today as it was when it was first inscribed when Memorial Stadium was built in 1923:


“May this stadium ever be a temple of sportsmanship inspiring the athletes of the University of Illinois & those who cheer them as they play always to uphold the spirit and tradition of Illinois athletics and to play manfully & courageously to the last no matter what the odds. 


To play fairly within the spirit and the letter of the rules. To win without boasting and to lose without excuses. 


May courage and true sportsmanship find expression not only within the stadium but throughout the life of the university. 


Above all may the stadium always be a symbol of a great united university drawing closer together in common bond and spirit all the men and women of Illinois.”