Penn State

Favorite Photos and Random Thoughts

Work avoidance takes many forms.  Right now it means updating the photos on my blog rather than starting on that exam that I have to create by Tuesday.  So I took a favorite picture from each of the games we attended this fall, and replaced the Capital One Bowl photos. 

Also, Steve Seitz, who owns a rather unique Penn State trailer that I took photos of at the Capital One bowl, emailed me this photo of "Morning Lion" at sunrise.  Now, anyone who knows where the Nittany Lion statue is knows that such a sunrise photo wouldn't exist at the real statue.  There would be Rec Hall or some other Burrowes Road buildings in the background if you tried to capture sunrise there.  This one was taken with the small replica statue that sits atop Steve's custom Penn State trailer at his Beaver Stadium tailgate.  I believe it is a superb photo and I thank Steve for being willing to share it with all of you.

We attended the Lady Lions game last night - the first round of the WNIT - and were very disappointed with their short duration in post-season play.  Credit Hofstra - a very scrappy team that outplayed Penn State both on defense and offense.  Penn State had no answer for them.  We will miss Tyra Grant - I'm sure the end of her career was a huge disappointment, but she gave us four great years of entertaining play.  We wish her the best!  But overall it was not only a disappointing game but a disappointing season - after a great start that got them a winning season overall, the Lady Lions seemed to fall apart at the end of the season, losing many more games than they won.

In the meantime, this week we were asked to order our FedEx Field tickets for the Penn State-Indiana game on November 20.  What a delight it was to go on-line, view ticket options, order what we wanted and actually get a seat confirmation right away!  We were allowed to order based on our Nittany Lion Club point total.  So Terry and I ordered on the second day. 

For the rest of our away game tickets, we do not get the option of choosing our seats.  We send them a check for our order and then Penn State chooses the seats for us, assuming we have enough donation points to qualify.  Unfortunately the ticket office at Penn State seems to believe that if you have a high point total, you would prefer seats as low as possible.  So from my perspective, the more we contribute to Penn State, the worse our away game seats are becoming.  We don't necessarily want to be in the nose-bleed section but we do want a decent view of the field and the game.  That doesn't happen in the 2nd or 5th row of any game.  You get folks with signs who hold them up whenever a camera passes by, or your view is blocked by the team and media standing in front of you.

Also, we don't even know until a few weeks before the game whether or not we have tickets.  When you have to make hotel and air reservations in May, you're always taking a chance, especially for the "big" games this year like Alabama or Ohio State.

So how about it, Penn State?  The FedEx field ordering process worked very well.  Why not adopt a similar process for ALL away game tickets?  Or at least, if you can't get the away venues to cooperate in a more sensible ticket ordering process, use available information technology.  Why not ask us on the Nittany Lion Club profile what type of seat locations we prefer?  A simple flag - prefer lower seats or higher seats - would give some guidance to the ticket office in providing the "best available seats" based on point level.

Well, have to get to back to that exam!  Can't avoid work any longer.

P.S. If you're reading this in the Centre Daily Times, click on "View this blog with pictures" to see the photos.