Penn State

Penn State vs. Michigan: Students Start Project 7 to Fill Stands Early

Evidently there's a group of students who are as upset as I am about the empty stands in the student section at Penn State.  That's welcome news!

Yesterday a student told me about Project 7, an initiative by students to fill the student section an hour before kickoff at 7 p.m.

I say, kudos to all the students who are doing this! 

It's been embarassing each week when my photos of the student section show empty seats until about 25 minutes into the game.  Whether it's a 12 noon game or 3:30 game hasn't mattered so far.  You can view some of the photos on my blog at

So why don't all of us commit to be in the stands by 7 p.m. on Saturday?

If you're on Facebook, here's where you can sign up to say you will do this.!/event.php?eid=158346107538371&index=1

Perhaps you can give some encouragement to these students by commenting on how important this initiative is.

Then perhaps I wouldn't be such a lone voice!  Thanks.