Penn State


Welcome. We’re blogging again and this time we have a curious name.

Guy Talk, you ask?

Yes, Guy is really this sports writer’s name. But this isn’t about the name bestowed upon somebody by their parents.

It’s about local, regional, state and national sports. In particular, this blog will act as an extension of the Centre Daily Times’ high school football and wrestling, Penn State wrestling and State College Spikes coverage.

We couldn’t think of a name linking the four topics, so we’re using our own. We’re also trying to cover as many sports as possible. Expect an occasional running, golf, tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball, swimming or outdoors post.

Some posts will be informative. Others will be entertaining. An occasional photo or video will find its way into Guy Talk. Does that mean we should call it Guy Stuff?

Never mind. We have haggled enough over the name.

If there’s anything you would like to see in the blog, let us know. Until then, enjoy.