Penn State

District 6 Class AAA Predictions

The District 6 Class AAA Championships begin Friday in Altoona. Here is how one wrestling reporter sees the finals playing out:

103: Travis Giedroc, Bald Eagle Area, over Mike Kauffman, State College 112: T.J. Brandt, Altoona, over Logan Bechdel, Central Mountain119: Tom Traxler, Bellefonte, over Josh Polacek, Westmont Hilltop (Best matchup of tournament)125: Kaleb Loht, Indian Valley, over Malcolm Harris, Johnstown130: Tanner Hough, Westmont Hilltop, over Leo Wortman, Bellefonte135: Dillon Gavlock, Central Mountain, over Kenny Myers, Philipsburg-Osceola140: Scott Bosak, State College, over Jake Schultz, Lewistown145: Brian Brill, Central Mountain, over Logan Walstrom, Philipsburg-Osceola152: Tyler Buckwalter, Central Mountain, over Nike Taylor, Bald Eagle Area160: Coleman Hoffman, Bald Eagle Area, over Brad Grieb, Bellefonte (They could wrestle 10 times and both wrestlers might end up winning five)171: Jake Taylor, Bald Eagle Area, over Blaze Buckwalter, Central Mountain189: Ryan Burnheimer, Westmont Hilltop, over Gervon Simon, Johnstown215: Tyson Searer, Lewistown, over Nate Sharkey, Bald Eagle AreaHwt: Zach Corl, Central Mountain, over Josh Duplin, Westmont HilltopTeam: 1. Central Mountain, 2. Bald Eagle Area, 3. Westmont Hilltop, 4. Bellefonte