Penn State

Oklahoma hits jackpot

Look for Oklahoma to become a major factor in future NCAA tournaments.

The Sooners made a great move by hiring Mark Cody to replace Jack Spates as head coach. Cody transformed American University from the brink on extinction into a top-20 program that placed fifth at last month's NCAA Championships.

American raised its profile -- and scholarship allotment -- under Cody. It's scary to think what Cody can accomplish with Oklahoma's reputation and resources.

Cody's departure leaves a big void at American. The Washington, D.C., school, though, has a big-time donor in Alan Meltzer.

Duplicating this year's fifth-place finish might be tough. But the right hire can solidify American's spot in the EIWA's upper half.

As for Oklahoma, Cody has the ability to place the Sooners in future NCAA title hunts with Penn State, Iowa, Cornell, Oklahoma State and Minnesota. He's that good.