Penn State

A late night look at Bellefonte

BELLEFONTE -- Threw on a hoodie, charged the MP3 player and strolled down Halfmoon Hill. 

This jaunt was slightly different than the other I-ate-too-much-for-dinner walks. 

For starters, six orange “Road Closed” signs are strategically placed around the Centre County Courthouse. Allegheny and High Streets haven’t experienced this many closures since last summer’s Historic Car Cruise. 

Expensive vehicles are again closing roads. Twenty-nine satellite news trucks fill parts of Allegheny and High Streets.  

The number will swell as a frosty night turns into a frigid and potentially chilling morning. Jerry Sandusky’s preliminary hearing begins shortly after the sun rises. 

Tomorrow is a major day in Bellefonte history. Tonight is quieter than expected. 

Three television stations are broadcasting live from the courthouse lawn. The Bellefonte Wok and Dairy Queen closed their doors hours ago. Stragglers prefer the warmth of the Dode and Omar.

Only a half-dozen gawkers roam the hilly streets at 11 p.m. The police are either tracking the ambulance rushing up Bishop Street or resting. 

Santa’s House still stands. The cozy red hut fits the Christmas theme. But it seems out of place on the eve of a preliminary hearing involving alleged child abuse. 

Holiday -- and television -- lights give the borough an electric feel. 

The holiday lights are common. The television lights make this an unforgettable late-night stroll.