Penn State Basketball

Carr, Banks discuss battling through fatigue for Penn State men’s basketball

Penn State’s Tony Carr admitted he’s wearing down physically right now.

“With that being said, my body still feels kind of fresh because being as I’m a freshman and (Payton Banks has) been playing this for three or four years so I’m sure his body feels much worse,” Carr said with his veteran teammate sitting next to him.

Carr added he has no room to complain as a freshman, saying Banks always brings intensity to practice despite fatigue. The freshman point guard ranks second on the team in minutes, averaging 31.4 per game.

Banks has also passed along the same advice he received early in his career.

“I think that the one thing that as a young guy and the older guys tried to teach me was don’t wait til you get sore, don’t wait til you need treatment,” Banks said. “It’s kind of being proactive about it, kind of take care of things early.”