Penn State Football

Franklin explains shotgun victory formation

As Penn State’s offense trotted out to the field and lined up in victory formation to kill the remaining clock in Saturday’s win over the Buckeyes, some watching the game expressed their confusion on social media.

What did they just see? A team lining up in the shotgun for the victory formation?

The Nittany Lions, under first-year offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead, have done it before this season, but it still boggles the mind to a group of fans.

Penn State coach James Franklin addressed any concerns about why his quarterback wouldn’t just line up under-center like the majority of victory formations.

“We never take a snap under-center,” Franklin said. “We don’t do that in our offense, and then to do that in a victory formation or on short-yardage? We just never do it. I’ve never seen Joe (Moorhead) do that since he’s been here.”

Franklin is right — the Nittany Lions, since Moorhead’s arrival, has not snapped the ball from under-center all year.

The Nittany Lions have run 462 offensive plays this season, and every single one has been out of the shotgun.

“It doesn’t make sense in our minds,” Franklin said of an under-center victory formation. “I know you could say, ‘Well, why don’t you practice it?’ But now you’re going to take time practicing something that you’re only going to do less than one percent of the time.”