Penn State Football

Anthony Zettel roundhouse-kicks water bottle out of teammate’s hand

There seems to be no end to the athletic feats of Penn State senior defensive tackle Anthony Zettel.

Zettel was famously videoed tackling a tree and uprooting it earlier this year, dunking a basketball last month, and teammates Ben Kline, Austin Johnson and Jordan Lucas all say he’s a “weird kind of athlete” who can hit a golfball farther than anyone they’ve seen, do karate, make trick shots with a ping pong ball and more.

Sunday night, Zettel was videoed by teammate Nick Bowers roundhouse-kicking a water bottle out of another teammate’s hand:

He almost takes out a player (it looks like freshman running back Saquon Barkley) in the process — and gives a whole new meaning to “footwork drills.”

Add this to the long list of things that Zettel can do that the average human cannot — though his execution of “the whip” dance move needs work.