Penn State Football

Former United States Marine joins Penn State football team as walk-on

At his weekly appearance on “The Penn State Coaches Show,” at LettermanS in State College, head coach James Franklin rarely gives anything of high importance away.

On Thursday, however, Franklin mentioned that a single hopeful player out of the 150 who attended Penn State football’s recent walk-on tryouts made the team.

Immanuel Iyke is a 278-pound defensive tackle who has enrolled at Penn State after serving five tours as a United States Marine. Iyke, 27, was confirmed a student in the Penn State University directory.

Franklin said that Iyke “looks like an NFL player,” and has been practicing on scout teams this week. He joked that the newcomer “doesn’t know how we practice yet,” and that he made Iyke do 50 up-downs in practice for “going too easy” on the offense during drills as Penn State prepares for Army.

The Nittany Lions play Army West Point at noon on Saturday. The game has been announced a sellout.