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Tracking the area’s high school football stat leaders after 10 weeks

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We have two new faces this week in both rushing and receiving.

Outside of that, the order has largely stayed the same. But some players are approaching different records and milestones.

Take a look:


Penns Valley’s Aaron Tobias — who split quarterback duties until Week 6 — has been on a historic roll.

He currently leads the county with 1,400 passing yards. But it’s what he’s done the last five weeks that’s been truly impressive. Over that time, he’s averaged 224 passing yards per game. If he kept that pace the whole season, he’d be at 2,240 yards — or the most in county history, according to historian Harry Breon.

Tobias is just a sophomore, so the next two seasons could be interesting. For now, though, his overall mark this year could still be passed by State College’s Tommy Friberg, who’s third with 1,171 yards. (Philipsburg-Osceola’s Daniel Slogosky is second with 1,334 yards.)

Friberg’s Little Lions will play Central Dauphin on Friday, and then they’ll have the postseason to contend with. Friberg is already at a county-best 17 TD passes, which is currently tied for No. 8 all-time in county history.

Behind Friberg are Bellefonte’s Dylan Deitrich (1,035 yards) and Bald Eagle Area’s Jaden Jones (926 yards).

Jones has been at No. 5 for most of the season, but he’s missed a lot of time due to injury — and he’s finally back. Don’t be surprised to see a few moves in this category next week.


Bellefonte’s Dylan Deitrich already holds the single-season county record for most rushing yards by a quarterback with 1,209. (State College’s Larry Ryland set the record in 2007 with 937.) But forget Deitrich’s position for a moment; he could be in line to rewrite the history books even more.

Deitrich needs 445 more rushing yards to break into the top 10 all-time in county history for rushing yards in a single season.

It’s Deitrich and then everyone else in this category. Penns Valley’s Ryan Ripka is second (778 yards), but he might be in third by this time next week. State College’s Tristen Lyons is close behind with 733 yards, and Bellefonte’s Dexter Gallishaw is fourth with 651 yards.

One of our new faces this week is the Little Lions’ Isaiah Edwards, who is now fifth with 511 yards on the year. He rushed three times against Chambersburg on Friday for 70 yards. He replaces Bald Eagle Area’s Gage McClenahan.


Make that eight straight weeks as the receiving leader for Bellefonte’s Cade Fortney.

He’s coming off one of his season lows, a 21-yard effort against Bald Eagle Area, but he’s still far ahead with 575 yards on the season. The No. 2, Penns Valley’s Cole Breon, has 464 yards — but leads the county with 43 receptions. That ties Breon for 10th all-time in county history in single-season receptions, joining Rusty Fisher (BEA, 1985) and Erik Bjalme (Bellefonte, 1986) who also had 43.

State College’s Brandon Clark is in line to pass Breon in yardage, however, as the Rams’ season is over. Clark is just seven yards shy of Breon with 457 yards. Bald Eagle Area’s Matthew Reese is fourth with 401 yards and, as the second new face this week, Philipsburg-Osceola’s TJ Thompson is fifth (369 yards).

Thompson’s time on the list might be short-lived, however. The Little Lions’ Cohen Russell is right behind him with 364 yards.

Area stat leaders


1. Aaron Tobias, PV, 1,400

2. Daniel Slogosky, P-O, 1,334

3. Tommy Friberg, SC, 1,171

4. Dylan Deitrich, Bel, 1,035

5. Jaden Jones, BEA, 926 


1. Dylan Deitrich, Bel, 1,209

2. Ryan Ripka, PV, 778

3. Tristen Lyons, SC, 733

4. Dexter Gallishaw, Bel, 651

5. Isaiah Edwards, SC, 511


1. Cade Fortney, Bel, 575

2. Cole Breon, PV, 464

3. Brandon Clark, SC, 457

4. Matthew Reese, BEA, 401

5. TJ Thompson, P-O, 369

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