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Girls’ volleyball: Lady Little Lions fall in quarters

State College suffered a loss in the quarterfinals at the Garden Spot Invitational on Saturday afternoon.

The Lady Little Lions were 6-2 during morning pool play, with the losses coming in two-game splits with Cumberland Valley and Berks Catholic. State College then fell 25-22 to Seneca Valley in a tournament featuring many of the state’s top volleyball programs.

Taylor Leath led the way with 27 kills, 21 digs and five aces while Christine Irwin had 24 kills, 21 digs and 10 aces. Kyla Irwin had 18 kills and 12 blocks, Sydney McNulty added seven blocks and Janae Moran gave out 83 assists.

“The good thing is for the most part we played particulary well,” coach Chad Weight said. “We played well enough to win at times, and at times we let things get away from us. But the good thing is we can play a lot better. I was curious where we were and where other teams were. I feel a lot better about where we are after today.”