Local kayakers have good showing in Md.

Photo provided

Alden Henrie, Snow Shoe, led the Centre County Mach One Slalom Team at the Feeder Summer Kayak Slalom in Bethesda, Md. Five other team members scored in various classes.

Henrie narrowly beat out Robert Healey, of Bethesda, Md., in the open Singles Canoe class 105.8 to 106.9. Healey had won the class three weeks earlier.

Mach One’s coach, Dave Kurtz, of State College, had the next best result, winning second place in the Master Kayak class with a score of 150 seconds. Winner of this event was Carlos Ifarraguerri, of Bethesda, Md., with a score of 128.

In the U14 kayak class, Jacob Saldana, of Milesburg, won third place with a score of 111 seconds. Healey won this class in 88.7 seconds. Nathaniel Francis, of Vienna, Va., took the silver medal in 110.9, just 0.1 seconds ahead of Saldana. Zachary Grant, of Milesburg, took fifth place with 114.0 seconds, while Caleb Henry, of Bellefonte, was sixth with 116.3 seconds.

In the U16 Kayak Class, Henrie took fourth place in 102.4 seconds while Alex Lomartire, of Zion, was fifth in 350 seconds.

The Mach One Team will be participating in the Bellefonte Logan Fire Co. and the State College Fourth of July parades to help stir up interest in their kayaking programs.