Commentary: Urge Democratic leadership to support ‘real, common-sense work’

By changing the U.S. House majority from Republican to Democrat, and restoring power to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, we have just about eliminated, again, our chances of getting any useful work done.

You would think we would realize that, at this time in our political history, the two parties are hopelessly divided. Democrats dislike President Donald Trump so much that they will stand united on anything he wants to get done regardless of the merits.

Trump is sometimes obnoxious. But Trump is not a politician or an orator or a statesman. Trump is a businessman. Politicians talk. He works. His view of the country is like it was a huge business with things that need to be fixed. Just like we have “honey do” lists to keep our homes in good repair, Trump has a “honey do” list for our country.

There is not one item that any American would disagree with:

  • Upgrade our military: because there are bullies out there.

  • Border wall: a deterrent to drugs, criminals and Illegals. We pay a huge price for illegals, and it’s not fair to those who come legally. Handouts they get come right out of our pockets. Americans are already the biggest charitable givers in the world.

  • Economic, business growth: things that encourage business to grow.

  • Employment: Business growth means more jobs, federal funds, lower deficit eventually. It all works together.

  • Fair trade deals: People who take advantage of you are not suddenly going to apologize and change their ways.

  • Infrastructure: Bridges are crumbling.

  • Social problems: Trump appointee Ben Carson’s securing millions of dollars to help the homeless.

What have we given ourselves by splitting the Congress? Only a future with endless bickering, insults, smears and lies. The mud in the swamp will rise even higher now. Work is the battle cry we should be following, not professional politics. Please urge your Democratic Party leadership to re-examine itself and support real, common-sense work that needs to get done.

Stop your war on Trump and get good stuff done!

Robert “Grampa” Schwenzer lives in Bellefonte.