President Trump, end your war on our free press

No American president, or any city council member, for that matter, has ever unreservedly delighted in the way he or she was presented in the press. “I so appreciate the accuracy of their reporting on my perceived flaws!” said no official ever. “And good for them for holding me accountable.”

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When 'misguided' policies about media access occur, no one wins

USA Wrestling has established new parameters regarding who can cover its events, such as this weekend’s Final X at Penn State, featuring Nittany Lion great David Taylor. The national governing body for the sport of wrestling in the U.S. now requires journalists to undergo a background check and take part in a 60- to 90-minute training session. But the chilling effect of background checks on the media is alarming.

Woman tells her story of DUI arrest to prevent others from drinking and driving

Rochelle Fischer is shares her story about the night she got busted for a DUI in Bellingham, hoping others will learn from her mistake.