Letters: Irony spotted in Atherton construction story; election will command attention

Construction coverage brought a laugh

I’d like to thank Atherton Street construction project inspector Marc Maney for Thursday morning’s chuckle. He’s quoted as saying, “These are all utilities that need to be updated from time to time so the quality of life for residents in the area (isn’t) impacted.” Oh, the irony...

Mark Ballora, State College

Oldsey’s PSU loyalty unparalleled

I have known Bill Oldsey for over 25 years. For almost 20 of those years, I worked closely with him as his chief finance and operations officer for various divisions of the two largest educational publishers — Pearson and McGraw-Hill. While there, Bill focused on developing products and services aimed at improving teaching and learning outcomes. He did this by effectively managing large, complex organizations with thousands of employees and products as well as interacting and listening to educational staff and students. He is a leader who knows how to get things done. And he has used these skills during the last six years in his capacity as an alumni-elected Penn State trustee.

His dedication to Penn State is stellar. He spends many hours on campus talking to students and faculty to keep abreast of current issues. He then takes this input to inform his dealings with the board.

His loyalty to Penn State is also unparalleled. He is an ambassador for the university as he travels, and he and his wife are major donors to Penn State. Bill has been a dedicated and effective Penn State trustee. And I strongly urge all alumni to reelect him to enable him to continue his work on behalf of all Penn Staters.

Barbara Becker, State College

Affordability a priority for Oldsey

Bill Oldsey is running for reelection to Penn State Board of Trustees. I am proud to be a classmate, fraternity brother, and friend of Bill Oldsey. I have known Bill and his family for over 45 years. The Oldsey family includes three generations of proud Penn Staters, and his father was on Penn State faculty for 20-plus years. Bill and his wife Julie currently reside in State College.

His career spans 30 years in publishing as a senior executive with two of the largest education companies — Pearson and McGraw-Hill. He successfully managed complex businesses with thousands of employees and products. Under his leadership, they partnered with colleges, universities, school districts and departments of education across the U.S. and globally.

Bill has had six successful years as a trustee and has served in many important committee positions. He is most proud of his perfect attendance record. His various board roles have included chairman, academic affairs and student life; director, Corporation for Penn State; chairman, architect/engineer selection subcommittee; the affordability task force; the Greek-life task force; the finance, business and capital planning committee; the presidential selection committee; and Penn State Health/Hershey strategic council.

Some of Bill’s priorities include taking measures to make PSU more affordable and to ensure graduates have the requisite skills needed to succeed.

Please join me in supporting Bill Oldsey in his bid for reelection.

Richard Scheib, Boalsburg

‘Eyes of the nation’ will watch special election

May 21 is a special day for all registered voters in the sprawling 12th Congressional District. That’s our day to elect a new U. S. representative.

May 21 is also the day of Pennsylvania’s party primaries, when Democrats and the Republicans select their own candidates to then run in the fall general elections. That continues as usual.

But because 12th District Rep. Tom Marino resigned his position in January, this seat is open. That’s right: The people living in this 15-county district do not currently have a voice in Congress. This will change after May 21.

It is important to know that all registered voters can vote in the special May 21 election for U.S. representative: Democrats, Republicans, independents and all other registered voters.

We have the only election for a congressman this spring, and so the eyes of the nation will be on us. It’s important to know that all voters can cast a ballot.

May 21 is the day of the party primaries, plus the day all registered voters can help choose our next representative in Congress. Let your voice be heard by casting your ballot in this special election. Now is your chance to choose a representative who will truly represent your values and concerns.

Lassie MacDonald, State College
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