Health Break: Online portal helps Mount Nittany patients to hanve hand in managing health care

As a parent, I know how important it is to have immediate access to my family’s health history and health information. So when Mount Nittany Health recently introduced an online portal for patients, I was thrilled. The patient portal, called My Mount Nittany Health, is an online tool for patients to manage and become a partner in their health care.

My Mount Nittany Health provides access to a patient’s information and a summary of his or her medical record 24 hours a day from the comfort and privacy of a home computer.

There are numerous benefits to enrolling and using My Mount Nittany Health. First, patients can view, download and transmit certain medical record information. They also can view and manage the accounts of their dependents, which is a great option for parents. There’s also the ability to request an appointment onlineand to ask a question directly of a doctor or provider.

Types of questions to ask your doctor or provider can be anything health-related. If you’re wondering what type of flu shot is right for your child, or if you’re wondering about a new type of medication you saw on television, simply send a question through the My Mount Nittany Health portal and a provider will respond.

The portal is open to anyone who is a patient of Mount Nittany Health. To access My Mount Nittany Health for the first time, you need to complete a one-time enrollment process and verify your information for security purposes. Just visit MyMountNittanyHealth.com and click on the “enroll now” button to get started. From there, you’ll tell us who you are, request your patient information from our team and add your dependents.

Or, if it’s more convenient for you, you can register for the portal at your doctor’s appointment. If you’re in to see a Mount Nittany Physician Group provider, talk with one of our team members about enrolling on the spot. Someone will be able to help you complete the process, and in many cases, your account can be set up before you leave.

The great thing about the portal is that all of your Mount Nittany Health information will be in one secure location online that you can access at any time. If you’ve been a patient in the emergency department at the medical center, if you’ve had lab work at our Blue Course Drive facility or if you’ve had a recent wellness visit with your family doctor, you can quickly view a summary of your medical record, talk with your providers and request new appointments through the patient portal.

The bottom line is that we want our patients to become more involved when it comes to managing health care. We want to be a partner, and this is a great way to do so. For more information, visit MyMountNittanyHealth.com.