Stand Bac, Idol Kings pay tribute to classic rock

Members of Stand Bac aim to offer a realistic representation of classic rock band Fleetwood Mac, both in sound and in appearance.
Members of Stand Bac aim to offer a realistic representation of classic rock band Fleetwood Mac, both in sound and in appearance. Photo provided

If you never had the chance to see Journey or Fleetwood Mac, The State Theatre has your chance to see the two famous rock ’n’ bands together — at least in tribute form.

The Idol Kings, a band dedicated to paying tribute to the music of Journey, will join Fleetwood Mac tribute band Stand Bac for an all-hit evening of classic rock on Oct. 15.

Stand Bac promoter/bassist Bill Pesavento said he’s always loved Fleetwood Mac.

“Basically, I’m the John McVie of our group,” he said. “Fleetwood Mac have always been a favorite act of mine and Journey was probably number two.”

Stand Bac will open the show, and The Idol Kings — which recently won best tribute act in the East for Electric City Music Conference’s Steamtown Music Awards — will take the stage for the second half.

“First it’s an hour and 20 minutes of Fleetwood Mac,” Pesavento said. “We’re doing all the live versions of their biggest hits — anywhere from Dreams to the Chain, Gold Dust Woman, Sisters of the Moon, etc. So, pretty much you’re going to see eight people on stage as Fleetwood Mac. We’ve got the costumes and everyone looks like the people. It’s just a really, really cool show. We’re going to have a lot of effects going on, too.”

Pesavento has only crossed paths with one member of his dream group, but the chance encounter was very special to him.

“I met Mick Fleetwood one time,” he said. “That was out in California. I’ve never met any of the other ones. I basically ran into him at a restaurant out there.”

Pesavento has seen several live Fleetwood Mac concerts, though, and said his band tries to emulate the experience.

“The guitar player we have is absolutely amazing. He has everything down pat, what Lindsey Buckingham does,” Pesavento said. “What a lot of people don’t know is that Lindsey brings about 14 guitars with him to every show. Basically he uses seven guitars throughout his show all tuned differently for the specific songs that he has and obviously a backup for each one. Our guitar player will have six different guitars onstage and they’re all tuned identically to Lindsey’s.”

Pesavento began his own musical career in the ’60s, and he’s made sure to stay involved with music ever since.

“We started with a Stevie Nicks tribute act several years ago, which started being very successful,” he said. “But, the Stevie Nicks person ended up with a throat problem and several throat operations. So, we put that on hold for a few years and then got the right players to go into a full blown Fleetwood Mac group. Then, we hooked up with some other tribute acts and we do several tours on the east coast — anywhere from New England down to South Carolina and out as far as Indiana.”

Pesavento has high praise for current touring partner, the Idol Kings.

“Everything is just spot on. They’re absolutely great,” he said.

When he’s not on the road or rehearsing with Stand Bac, Pesavento makes a living in a not-too-far-away piece of paradise.

“I basically sell golf packages in Myrtle beach,” Pesavento said. “I’ve owned some night clubs over the years. We’ve had big names come into our place — The Coasters have been there, most of the old Motowners. The Box Tops, etc. I was in banking for several years, but I’ve always had my hands in music doing something. We have our own recording studio here and we do our own demos, and we do demos for other bands as well.”

Pesavento and company promise to bring a tribute show worthy of the original acts to The State Theatre. He believes that if you can’t got see the real Fleetwood Mac or Journey, this is hands down the next best thing.

“If they like Fleetwood Mac and they like Journey, other than seeing those groups live, they’re never going to see a better representation of those two groups anywhere on the same stage together,” he said. “There just isn’t a Journey band east of the Mississippi that can compare to the Idol Kings, and to be perfectly honest there’s not a Fleetwood Mac band anywhere that can compete with Stand Bac. There just isn’t.”


  • What: The Idol Kings and Stand Bac
  • When: 8 p.m. Oct. 15
  • Where: The State Theatre, 130 W. College Ave., State College
  • Info: www.statetheatre.org