Veterans Day Concert honors all who served

The State College Area Municipal Band will perform a myriad of songs at its annual Veterans Day Concert.
The State College Area Municipal Band will perform a myriad of songs at its annual Veterans Day Concert. Photo provided

Under the direction of U.S. Army veteran Ned Deihl, the State College Area Municipal Band will perform its annual Veterans Day Concert at the Mount Nittany Middle School on Nov. 5. The band will perform alongside U.S. Marine Band trombonist and Juilliard alumnus Master Sgt. Chris Clarke.

“The artistic talent is the highest it has ever been ... we play for the common man. And the music is very accessible,” Deihl said.

Band member Paul Humphreys, who plays clarinet, said he’s proud to represent the U.S. Coast Guard, which he served for more than 20 years.

“I consider it a really great privilege to be able to represent the Coast Guard. All the veterans of the various branches salute each other on Veterans Day ... there’s a lot of mutual respect,” Humphreys said.

The band will perform a myriad of songs, in addition to paying homage to servicemen and servicewomen. The concert, according to Deihl, gives veterans an opportunity to represent their branch of service, as the band performs a medley of all branches. The Penn State Color Guard will also present the colors.

“The Air Force guys stand up with their song and the Marines stand up when it’s their song,” Deihl said. “In recent years, we’ve had the World War II (veterans) come down for special recognition because they’re a vanishing species.”

The U.S. Army song will have special meaning to Deihl on Saturday — he was stationed in Germany from 1954 to 1956.

Concert attendees can expect a mixture of Civil War, as well as a songs by composers including Aaron Copland and John Williams.

The band works in partnership with the Centre Region Parks and Recreation, and it was founded on 1981 under the direction of Larry Pharo.


  • What: State College Area Municipal Band’s Veterans Day Concert
  • When: 3 p.m. Nov. 6
  • Where: Mount Nittany Middle School, 656 Brandywine Drive, State College
  • Info: www.crpr.org/agency /MuniBand/band-intro .html