Theater troupe offers Valentine’s alternative

Love and Light Productions will present “My Fatal Valentine” over two weekends.
Love and Light Productions will present “My Fatal Valentine” over two weekends. Photo provided

Starting this weekend, Love and Light Productions will offer something a little different for Valentine’s Day celebrations with its production of “My Fatal Valentine” at Duffy’s Tavern in Boalsburg.

The performance will be a classic whodunit murder mystery dinner theater performance, complete with Love and Light Productions’ personal spin. The story is about five romance novelists who head to a convention, where they’re all up for best romance novel of the year.

“These novelists come and all want to win the award, but there’s jealousy, anger, none of them really like each other and it’s all very goofy,” said director Alicia Starr, who is also the co-founder of Love and Light Productions. “There are all these different characters, and they’re all these huge really ridiculous people that you wouldn’t probably fine during your day to day life, but when you put them in a room it’s very entertaining. And then, someone dies!”

Local media mainstay Alex Rabb plays Hattie Glick, under the pen name Lucreatia DeWitt. Aside from her local radio career on stations like QWiK Rock, Froggy 101 and B94.5, Rabb has also been an active video broadcaster with Accuweather, Inc., and also on local television station WHVL.

“I’ve been in this area for roughly 11 years now, and when I was younger I did a lot of theater and musical theater,” she said. “So, knowing the owner of Love and Light Productions and seeing the ‘Rocky Horror Show’ a few times, my interest was piqued but I never had time. So, I decided this year that we’re not on this earth to just pay bills; I need to bring some of my own personal fun back into my life and theater was and is a passion.”

This is Rabb’s first appearance with Love and Lights Productions, but if it’s up to the young entertainer, it won’t be her last.

“Part of the reason that I’m intrigued by this particular show is because there’s a lot of audience interaction, and you really have to know your character and improv a lot because of the audience interaction,” she said.

According to Starr, the troupe picked this particular piece as they felt it fit the audience as well as their group motif. However, she said that next year’s Valentine’s Day themed show may be an all original production.

“It’s being worked on by some people in the company,” Starr said. “It’s hard to do dinner theaters in general, because we want something that’s going to be for all ages but we want something that Love and Light can do and add our own spice to.”

Starr said that while this show may be similar in tone to previous Love and Light projects, it’s been simultaneously more difficult and more fun due to the very nature of the piece.

“I would say (this has been) probably more difficult than the last one because there’s a lot of improvisation,” she said. “The entire first part of the show is improvisation between the audience and the different characters. So we had to make sure that the people we cast know their character well enough. The audience will be questioning them during the show, so they have to know the back stories; they have to be very in depth.”

In addition to a show, patrons will also receive dinner and dessert. There will be a happy hour before each performance featuring drinks from by Big Springs Spirits.