Centre County singer-songwriter Caryn Dixon goes for the gold with new single

Centre County singer-songwriter Caryn Dixon will release a new single, “Running for Gold.”
Centre County singer-songwriter Caryn Dixon will release a new single, “Running for Gold.” Photo provided

Over the past two years, Caryn Dixon’s musical presence has been surging in the Centre County music scene.

That surge continues with Dixon releasing her first single since returning to the area and getting back to what she loves: performing music on a regular basis and writing songs. The single, “Running for Gold,” will be released May 15 on all online music platforms.

“I’ve been performing a lot,” Dixon wrote in an email. “I would eventually like to have most of my music at my live shows be original songs that I have written or worked on. There is certainly a desire for that in this town.”

Dixon’s right — central Pennsylvania is a hotbed for original music. But she also understands the artistry involved in interpreting popular songs by other artists, a conceptual combination that has enabled Dixon to branch out to other areas in our region, with no limit to where she’s willing to go.

“I’m trying to branch out more in Pennsylvania, which has brought me to new venues in areas such as Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Erie and a few other small towns,” Dixon wrote. “I have also been working with musicians and writers in different parts of the country on my original music. There are many groups out there dedicated to collaborating, and social media really makes it easy to connect.”

“Running for Gold” reflects Dixon’s soaring vocal range, her mastery of song structures, and her ability to combine what’s in her heart with what audiences want to hear.

Dixon took a musical hiatus for a few years to focus on her growing family and has returned to music with many ideas and a lot of enthusiasm.

“I wrote it in December in Atlanta with my sister’s duo, Jst Frnds, and my other sister, singer-songwriter, Hadyn,” Dixon wrote. “It was recorded and produced at Bravo Ocean Studios in Atlanta which is an amazing team of people.”

The song, Dixon said, is about letting go of perceptions and expectations and not letting anything hold you back from achieving your dreams or going for the gold. It’s also a product of Dixon’s relationship with her sisters.

“(We) have worked really hard over the years to make music our full-time careers and we are very thankful for the opportunities that have been given to us to help us make those dreams a reality,” Dixon wrote. “This song is really a tribute to everything we’ve fought through to get to where we are.”

Although “Running for Gold” is one of Dixon’s original songs, it’s meant to blend well with Dixon’s current set, and it’s also an expression of Dixon’s overall philosophy about life.

“Simply put, life is short, weird and complicated,” Dixon wrote. “You might as well go for the gold. You may not always get it but in the end you’ll be able to look back and say you gave it all you had. Letting go of what people think and the expectations that we put upon ourselves because of that is freeing. If you can figure out how to let go, doors will open up and present opportunities.”

In the future, Dixon hopes to keep this momentum going while also embracing modern ways of distributing music.

“I will certainly be writing and recording more singles,” Dixon wrote. “I think albums have a harder time nowadays with the way online streaming works, but I’ll keep that option open after I see how this song does. I already have songs in the wings ready to go so hopefully I will be recording again this summer.”

In the meantime, Dixon will continue her robust, local performing schedule, which includes regular shows at Gigi’s Southern Table, Barrel 21, the American Ale House and The Bar.

“I love the community that I live in and am proud to be a part of the music scene here,” she said.

Dixon’s full schedule is at www.caryndixonmusic.com; follow her on all social media platforms @caryndixonmusic.

Kevin Briggs is a musician, writer and teacher who performs at venues throughout central Pennsylvania. Contact him at KevinTBriggs@gmail.com.