Bellefonte Art Museum celebrates imagination, interactive art this summer

“Imagination Celebration” at the Bellefonte Art Museum runs through July 28.
“Imagination Celebration” at the Bellefonte Art Museum runs through July 28. Photo provided

The Bellefonte Art Museum is urging all artists, creators, and kids to not only attend its annual “Imagination Celebration,” but to also participate in this year’s theme: Conceptual Art.

The exhibit will run through July 28, and the museum is open noon-4:30 p.m. Friday-Sunday.

Executive Director Patricia House chose conceptual art in order to make it more interactive for those who visit the museum.

“The art is not about the aesthetic, but about the process,” House said.

The interactive celebration includes life-size Lite-Brites, string art, origami crane folding, a canvas swap, and a few other exhibits designed to encourage members of the community to test their artistic abilities.

“We wanted everyone to work together to create a beautiful art piece, and show that even the smallest details can create a big impact,” House said.

The museum previously hosted summer camps for kids, but decided that opening an interactive exhibit would be more inclusive for the community.

“There’s a better turnout when the whole community is involved, and it gets our name out into the public more,” said House.

Lori Fisher, deputy director of the museum, was in charge of creating the exhibits, and is excited to see how the public interacts with them.

Fisher was inspired by famous conceptual artists who encourage individuals to work together to complete an impactful art piece.

“The art seems simple, but the impact is more complex,” said Fisher.

Preparations have taken about six months, and interns have been hired in order to reset the interactive pieces after every show.

The museum includes a gift shop, Twiga, along with a dedication to the underground railroad on the third floor.

“This museum has something for everyone, and we’ve worked tirelessly to achieve that,” said Fisher.

For more information, www.bellefontemuseum.com